Network activities promoted by the PTNMR network are focused in two mains axes:

- Meetings and educational programs, such as courses, research training, workshops and conferences.
- Human mobility between different research groups in order to share knowledge/experience and to strengthen cooperation in terms of research projects.

The support of the network to these activities is done through promotion on its own website and through financial support for the organization of seminars and courses with international recognized specialists in the NMR field. Mobility is fostered by supporting travel and accommodation expenses of researchers and/or students of the different centers that constitute the network for training activities or data acquisition on other centers of the network.

PTNMR is actively engaged in post-graduate education creating an international atmosphere nationwide, sponsoring and organizing a program of seminars and lectures, given by invited internationally recognized speakers. These are open to all scientific community. These seminars are crucial to expose the portuguese scientific community to new ideas, to stimulate the internationalization of the national NMR scientific community and to promote the image of the Portuguese science in the world.

The PTNMR network is also involved in international NMR activities, participating in major international and national NMR events, organizing conferences, workshops and courses.

Training activity within the PTNMR network is diverse, targeting different expertise levels, from introductory courses to advanced hands-on training.